Nathaniel Ru Envoy of Sweetgreen Healthy Food

The business space at a tavern on M street toward downtown is a prime space for a fast food joint. Nathaniel Ru and his friends observed after a long struggle to have healthy food joint they can pop in and out and in close proximal to University of Georgetown, Washington.

Incidentally when the friend had finally decided to establish a food joint, realized the landlord to the hostel they were residing in was also the owner of tavern space.

Efforts to pursue and persuade the landlord began but not without hitches because they severally got turned down but eventually accepted conditionally; they were to get an architect and financial providers. Learn more about Nathaniel Ru:

This would take only three and a half week; the dedicated college seniors availed the two demands. The landlord hesitantly gave in the offer. They were then to get into a learning curve as Nathaniel Ru explained since none of them had prior restaurant experience.

This how Sweetgreen got established first as a salad bar but now gives more than that. Apparently, Sweetgreen has stores in Washington D.C, New York, Philadelphia, and Boston.

Ideally, Sweetgreen other than food products provision it has other accrued missions; to offer comfort, health and excellent customer service. It has since then since expanded their range of food products on sale, but the quality is incorruptible. Read more: Nathaniel Ru | Crunchbase and Nathaniel Ru Blazes a Trail in The Height Food Industry | Affiliate Dork

They source fresh ingredients from purveyor and local farmers who have not disappointed them regarding quality and supplies as Nathaniel Ru explain. Sweetgreen has incorporated music; lifestyle space and digital marketing headed by Theresa Dold another Georgetown alumnus.

About Sweetgreen

Sweetgreen is a chain of a restaurant based in Culver City, California. It was founded in 2007 about ten years ago by co-founders Nathaniel Ru, Jonathan Neman, Nicholas Jammet in their senior year at Georgetown University. It has operations in Massachusetts, Maryland, Columbia, Virginia, New York, California, Pennsylvania and California as at 2017 in 72 different stores.

It offers seasonal food types among them fruits and vegetable, animal products and poultry from the farms. They have launched an integrated pest management procedures and farm supervision to guarantee them of quality. Its supply chain consists of healthy and 100% natural with only natural sweeteners to add flavor.

Sweetgreen has collaborated with Kendrick Lamar, Jon & Vinny, and Dan Barber & Blue Hilland Momofuku in the Sweetgreen music festivals, new salad dressing and in getting dynamic cooks and hospitality personnel. Sweetgreen is also involved in philanthropy.

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