Marcio Alaor’s Insight on Tag Heuer

According to Marcio Alaor, the executive vice president of Banco BMG, Tag Heuer is a renowned watch-making company that supplies its products across the world. Tag Heuer is a Swiss company that manufactures wrist watches that are globally famous, and Brazil is one of their target market, explains Alaor. He acknowledges that the Chief Executive Officer of the company Mr. Jean-Claude Biver who has served since Dec 2014, is a true enthusiast for the company’s brand and has been very determined in ensuring growth, expansion and investment in new projects.
The CEO also serves in the LVMH Group, which manages watches division. The dual roles played by Biver confirm his competence, because only an individual with great potential would be able to serve in both capacities. The executive of Banco BMG says that Tag Heuer has appointed a football star, Tom Brady to be among its ambassadors, which is an excellent marketing strategy for the company. Additionally, the company launched the Carrera model in the market which has extra sportiness features and it’s costing around $4,500.
The launch of this new version was described as the biggest in the watch market as pointed out by Marcio Alaor. The watchmaker partnered with Google and Intel so that it can bring major technological innovations to make its brand of smartwatch. When Biver visited Brazil, he was interviewed by one of the press and he was asked the role played by famous people in the marketing strategies of the company. Alaor cites celebrities like Cristiano Ronaldo, Tom Brandy and Ayrton Senna as ambassadors who are linked to the marketing campaigns for the brand. The CEO responded by saying that the celebrities are recognized as leaders by millions of fans around the world.Alaor recalls that Biver said that people like to be identified with particular team, or celebrity and this favor companies when they regard them as their ambassadors. Biver acknowledged the importance of digital marketing because it is able to attract a large network of representation reports Marcio. Asked about the safety of online shopping, Biver pointed out that it would depend on distance and security, according to the executive of BMG. In his view, it is convenient when there is no close store for a person to go physically and buy. However, the CEO believes this market will be safe in future, according to the executive.
Marcio Alaor says that the CEO of Tag Heuer, Biver, is planning to make Brazilian market more aggressive, active and dynamic. Alaor recalls that the CEO stressed that Brazilian consumers are very passionate about their brand because one of the greatest hero of Tag Heuer, Ayrton Senna is a Brazilian.

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