Marc Sparks In Sparks Speed

Marc Sparks is passionate about startups, which why he enjoys founding companies and nurturing other budding entrepreneurs with his Spark Tank competitions. Ever since he graduated high school, Marc knew he being a self-made man was his destiny; his education was his failed ventures, not college. Sparks says his drive comes from a lack of fear, not a desire to become wealthy.

He’s been very poor, and very successful, yet he has no fear of losing it all again. That, Sparks says, is where his drive comes from. He wrote a book titled, “They Can’t Eat You” to inspire individuals who want to start their own business but hesitate because they fear failure.  Learn more about Marc Sparks:

Spark Tank encourages entrepreneurs with novel ideas that benefit the community. Lynne Sipiora convinced Marc that there were social service entrepreneurs who needed coaching and grants. The winner of the latest competition, Dogs Matter, offers foster care for the pets of people who enter drug or alcohol rehabilitation programs.

In his page, it was revealed that Marc Sparks and Lynn have rebuilt a homeless shelter in McKinney, Texas that serves more than 200 people each day. They have fostered a family shelter, opened a thrift store and built transitional living apartments as well.

Marc currently owns Timber Creek Capital, a unique private equity firm that fosters entrepreneurs with not only capital, but office space, legal and accounting services, marketing and more. His strategy for success, which he encourages Timber Creek Capital firms to employ, includes keeping it simple, never forgetting the plan and offering something to consumers that competitors ignore.

Marc Sparks also does everything in what he calls “Sparks Speed,” a term he uses to describe doing what needs done right now, as opposed to organizing a meeting to discuss the issue. Even Sparks’ leisure activities, such as hiking and traveling to exotic locations are done in Sparks Speed; he’s crossed the globe in 23 days. Marc Sparks is literally a man on the move.

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