Man Runs Over Police Officer

An incredible event took place in Savannah, Georgia last week. A police officer pulled over a 23-year old man named Brandon Adams. Apparently, Brandon was wanted for shoplifting in a nearby shopping mall. However, the police officer didn’t realize how insane Brenden Adams actually was.

A viral video on YouTube has been released, and the clip shows Brandon Adams disobeying the officer. The video was captured by the police officer’s hidden camera. Brandon Adams was clearly guilty of shoplifting, and he decided that he would rather flee the scene instead of turning himself in. However, Brandon Adams did not realize that he was about to make the biggest mistake of his life.

Branded Adams decided to slam the gas pedal, but the police officer decided to grab a hold of the vehicle. The young man dragged the police officer hundreds of feet, and the officer almost died during the struggle expressed Dr. Jennifer Walden of his injuries. After being dragged for nearly a mile, the officer fell to the ground, and Brandon Adams almost ran him over. Adams then decided to take off and escape the conflict.

Brandon Adams quickly turned himself in after the event, but it is pretty obvious that he’s going to face many years behind bars. Adams is lucky that the police officer did not die during the struggle. For more information on this story, and to view the video visit CNN.

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