Makeup Distributor, Sephora Accused of Racism

Sephora has angered users at a special sale for its VIP customers. The brand has blocked access to this sale, for a large number of accounts whose names had an Asian sound.

The private sale offered a 20% discount and was intended for customers who spend more than $350 each year for the various brands of cosmetics.

The distributor of cosmetics has been accused of racism by many of the customers who filed complaints on its Facebook page.

Sephora responded in a statement on its website, explaining that the success of the sale had overloaded the site, and that accounts had been blocked to prevent fraud. It seems like a perfectly good excuse to Keith Mann. Sephora suspects that some customers purchase wholesale products for resale later.

“We have in some cases disabled accounts to prevent resale, a pervasive problem in the industry. As part of our commitment to protect our customers, and our brands, we have identified some accounts that take advantage of promotions offered to buy products in large quantities and then resell them in other ways.

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