Living Death of an Icon

The recent allegations against Bill Cosby have been a sad moment not even his death could match. With such skits as, ” Will you stop touching me and the memorable Cosby Show, it is hard to believe that this role model could have done such things that are alleged. This is a black man who came out publicly and implored the African-American community to take responsibilities for their future. We are talking about Fat Albert, Pinwheel,’Kids Say the Darndest Things’, and the longtime Jello representative. These allegations just can’t be true, and it’s a slow venture to possibly process the thought when talking about a man looked at as a comedic/writing/production genius. It is starting to come unraveled even more now that his T.V. Land reruns having been pulled, a David Letterman interview being pulled, and Cosby refusing to answer any questions regarding said allegations. The look on Bill’s face is not the confident face that has been worn by the professional shows man his whole career. One understands that in the present world it is better to not talk and leave no evidence but the air of the situation seems to give validity to these accusations.

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  1. If he did not commit these crimes, he should come out and proclaim his innocence. If he sits by and says nothing, well his career will be forever tarnished. At this point I don’t really see what he has to lose. It is imperative that cheap custom research paper would have all that they have ever wanted from them.

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