Little Known Facts About Dan Newlin

Dan Newlin is a Florida based attorney who is devoted to offering the best to ensure victims of accidents and injury receive their rightful compensation. Dan has been in this industry for more than ten years, helping individuals to access justice in different types of injury cases. He is a great manager and leader as he operates a successful firm that has earned the trust and respect of most clients. Dan Newlin has also managed to hire well experienced and skilled professionals, who have been part of his team. This has brought success and recognition for his law firm.

Newlin attended the Florida State College of Law, where he graduated in 2000 with a degree in Law. At an early age of only 20 years, Dan Newlin began his career at the Indiana Police department, dealing with fire and accident cases. He managed to showcase immense dedication and energy in his job and all the cases he handled were pronounced a success. This secured him some respect and he was crowned with a more powerful position, to handle different departments including the narcotics department. In his career working with the police, Dan Newlin was awarded for offering beyond the call of duty and ensuring that integrity and honesty prevailed in all departments he headed.

Later, Dan Newlin established a law firm that would address more accident and injury cases, based in Florida. His operations grew within a short time, giving him more strength to expand to Chicago, where he opened a second office. He is good at selecting and training professionals who join his firm. He maintains a group of more than 70 professionals, who are accomplished lawyers with many years in practice. His firm has handled hundreds of cases and each has received the justice that it deserves. Most people within Chicago and Florida will refer their friends to his firm for the fact that he ensures all operations are carried out devoid of interruption from external parties, who may compromise the search for justice.

As of today, Dan Newlin has helped people recover more than 150 million dollars in claims. This includes cases that involve insurance companies that are not willing to offer compensation to their clients, to cases that involve complex injuries and losses that are sustained during accidents. It would be argued that since most companies will take long to offer justice to victims of accidents, Dan Newlin has been instrumental in ensuring every process is addressed in time and justice delivered to the concerned parties. He has also been in the spotlight for representing people who are accused wrongly and his efforts have been a success to many. Surprisingly, he has maintained the most affordable rates n a bid to offer satisfaction to all his clients.

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