Koch Is Sifting Through The Crowd To Find The Best

Political elections have always been known to be charge with controversy. The 2016 United States election for President is no exception. The guardian has recently interviewed Charles Koch on the matter, and he was quite candid about his thoughts and views on the matter.

First he is disappointed that his own bid for President proved to be unsuccessful. This does not mean that he will pull his support from the party though. The Koch family will donate more than 900 million dollars to the elections and the campaign.

What seems to worry Charles Koch is the lack of fair treatment by the press and the media of the Republican party. He feels that the press is vilifying the party and specifically him. That is why he chose to do the interview to try to clear the air a bit.

Charles Koch was born of humble parents and always taught that service to country was the top priority. He learned early that he would need to work hard and keep trying in order to succeed. He and his brother have never really been very successful in the political arena, but have excelled in business.

Second, he feels that the presence of American soldiers in the middle east will not bring the issues with the muslim state to an end. He makes the comment that we would have to bomb every single muslim to get the hostilities to cease, and then we would only make another enemy.

He also states that things are no better than they were a dozen years ago when we first occupied the region. He states that no one feels any safer, and the need for our soldiers in the region has not gone down at all either.

Finally the interview covers the confidence that Mr Koch has in the present pool of Republican candidates. He does not feel that any of them fit the bill for what America needs right now. He feels that they are skirting the important issues and making everything to personal while pandering to the public’s needs.

This does not mean that Mr Koch will not endorse a candidate for the 2016 presidential election. He is simply saying that he is awaiting the thinning out of the crowd so the real issues can take enter stage. He feels that is when the true color of the candidates will be revealed and therefore offer the best chance to understand who they are and what they stand for.

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