Kim Dao Demonstrates Pokémon Makeup

Since 1996, Pokémon has been associated with the Japanese video games and cartoons. It’s also a makeup line put out by Tony Moly just last year. Kim Dao did a review on them, and she’s back to review some new products in the Pokemon line. The first item is the Pikachu BB cushion SPF 50+. The container looks like it’s in the shape of Pikachu the mouse. It’s a container with a pad that’s a powder foundation that covers imperfections on the face. All the makeup is packaged in the likeness of all the cartoon characters. Don’t be fooled into thinking this makeup is for little girls.

The Pokémon Eye Palette #1. Each kit comes with three eye-shadow palettes that complement each other. Kim Dao is trying the beige collection. It also comes with a brush to apply the eye-shadow.

Next is the Pikachu Mascara. It comes in black, red, and blue. Kim Dao doesn’t recommend the red for everyday use, although Kim Dao said it looked like it would be good on her eyebrows because the raspberry- red mascara matches her hair. Kim Dao said the red mascara could be used for a costume party. On the other hand, the mascara does lengthen lashes.

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The Pikachu Mini Cushion blusher looks a little like the BB cushion. It goes on like the BB cushion except it’s a blush. It smells like strawberry.

Next there’s Pokémon Lip care stick. It’s a lip balm. Pikachu has a body lotion that smells just like baby powder.

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