Kendrick Makes Beautiful Music on Ellen DeGeneres Show

The thing about Kendrick Lamar that keeps people watching and waiting for his next movement is his ability to stay fresh and keep the fans guessing. He went on the Ellen DeGeneres show and performed “These Walls” from his new album. This was not the single that people thought that they would be hearing next, so fans are buzzing about this changing in direction.

For Kendrick, it is all about element of surprise. He released the “i” single and made fans stand up and take notice. He surprised people again with a gritty George Clinton sound on “King Kunta.” He would get hard, do a Compton video for this single, and hop back on some radio friendly vibes with “These Walls.” This single is also a neo-soul type of throwback with Bilal singing on the hook according to Amen Clinic on The Deaily Beast.

The song is very clever because it has these sexual overtones that are systematically hidden inside the track. A couple dressed in white danced around as an artist painted this couple. Kendrick rapped in fierce fashion while this was going on. He is the type of rapper that is taking fans to another space. He cannot be boxed in as just another emcee. To the contrary, Kendrick seems to be writing songs and performing on stage in a way that is unlike anyone else. His collaboration with pop princess Taylor Swift is further proof of his unique vibe.

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