Keith Mann: Supporting the Men and Women in Blue

In today’s world, fewer people are willing to perform random acts of kindness. This is especially true when police officers are involved, with many in society choosing to have a negative perception of law enforcement. However, that is not the case with Keith Mann. As a philanthropist, Keith understands what a difference helping others can make. Recently, one of Keith’s many acts of kindness was directed at the NYPD’s 54th Precinct, where he sent lunch to the entire staff on two occasions.

As the founder of the New York-based company Dynamic Search Partners, Keith knows all too well the importance staff morale plays in getting the job done each and every day. Working closely with various hedge funds to fill staffing needs, Keith also performs many other philanthropic acts for the New York area. For example, one of the causes near and dear to his heart is working with Uncommon Schools, which strives to give students the tools and skills needed to find a solid, well-paying job after completing college. Along with this, Keith also works closely with Hope and Heroes, donating money in an effort to make the lives of others better in numerous ways.

Because Keith’s wife Keely has an uncle who is a detective with the NYPD, he has a very personal connection to the men and women in blue. Always a believer that the simplest of actions can make a tremendous difference, Keith wants to make sure police officers in New York and elsewhere realize they are supported by the majority of the citizens they protect.

With his extensive background in executive staffing and developing hiring strategies, Keith has worked with dozens of global financial firms over the years to help them fill investment and marketing positions. Currently responsible for the day-to-day management of his firm, Keith realizes it takes very special people to wear the uniforms of the NYPD, and has chosen to use every opportunity made available to him to show his support. In the weeks and months ahead, it’s a good bet Keith will continue to perform many other random acts of kindness.

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