Keith Mann, Giving Hope to Low Income Students

Keith Mann is the founder and CEO of Dynamics Search Partners, a company he founded in 2009 to fill hiring and staffing needs exclusively in the alternative investment industry. Mann has a background that includes 15 years of experience in hedge fund compensation, staffing and hiring strategies. He combined all of these skills to make his company a success. Today, Dynamics Search Partners fills over 200 positions every year and spans three continents, including North America, Europe, and Asia. This year, Mann hopes to start putting his keen eye for picking the right person to good use in a slightly different but highly beneficial way, namely, the Keith and Keely Mann Scholarship for Business Achievement.

The scholarship will be open to graduating students of Uncommon Schools, a system designed to “close the achievement gap” between low-income students and those of more substantial financial means. Keith Mann and Uncommon Schools will join forces to not only prepare students to attend college but give them a real chance at graduating. The scholarship will make it possible for one student, each year, to receive $5,000 which he or she can use towards tuition at the four-year college of his or her choosing.

Uncommon Schools starts and manages urban charter public schools in a tri-state area to include New York, New Jersey, and Massachusets. They run 44 schools and oversee over 14,000 students ranging from kindergarten through twelfth grade. These students come from low-income areas and may otherwise not have the means or opportunity to attend college and create promising futures for themselves. Thanks to Keith Mann and this scholarship, students on a business path will now have at least one less challenge to face in thinking about long-term education.

Graduating students can qualify for the scholarship by writing a 1000-word essay that explains what their professional goals are and how receiving a four-year college education is going to help them achieve those goals. From this pool of applicants, one student will be chosen based on his or her submission to receive the money. This scholarship puts hope where oppression might have stood.

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