Keith Mann Funding Scholarship for Low-Income Brooklyn Students

As a businessman and philanthropist Dynamics Search Partners’ Keith Mann has always had a heart for education. As director of Dynamics Search Partners, Keith Mann got his company involved with Uncommon Schools a few years ago to help raise funds and support the non-profits goals for low-income students. This year Keith went a step further and decided to fund a scholarship with the blessing of his wife, Keely. The Scholarship for Professional Achievement will provide a graduating senior from Uncommon Charter High School in Brooklyn with $5,000 to put towards tuition at an accredited institution. To apply for the scholarship, students will write a 1,000 word essay on how a college education would help them further their career dreams.

Dynamics Search Partners is an executive search firm focusing on finding executives in the alternative investment fields. As the founder of the company, Keith has a knack for finding talented individuals to fit a client company’s needs for an executive. Likewise, Keith hopes to find a talented student who will become a promising entrepreneur and achieve great things through a college education. Keith has been in the executive search industry for more than 15 years. He worked with Dynamics Executive Search and launched the Alternative Investment Practice within the company once he realized how underrepresented the sector was.
Realizing there will always be another generation of entrepreneurs coming into the business world, Keith is proud to support Uncommon Schools. The non-profit manages charter schools in low-income urban areas throughout New Jersey, New York and Massachusetts totaling 44 schools. The non-profits goals are to prepare and support its students for college ensuring they can achieve their goals no matter what background they come from.
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