Josh Verne Provides Five Keys To Boost Chances Of Success In Business

The Knowledge for Men’s podcast had a guest on called Josh Verne from Philadelphia. In the interview with Knowledge for Men’s podcast host, Andrew Ferebee, Josh Verne talked about how he had built up several businesses over the course of over twenty years. Major elements of entrepreneurship and what Josh has learned over the years in running a business was discussed.


One of the key points discussed on the podcast interview, was that Josh Verne found that different age groups or demographics of workers respond differently to work conditions. Josh Verne says that as a business owner you need to find out which conditions are ideal for your workers and what will drive them to perform at their very best level. In his furniture business, Josh found that giving his younger workers autonomy and fostering a team environment helped to drastically improve productivity and cut down on absenteeism and waste. You need to create an environment that is conducive and that fits with your employees reiterates Josh Verne.


Another major point that Josh Verne made in the interview was that as an entrepreneur you need to be a leader and not just a boss. As a boss, you need to take into account what other people are saying and work with them to achieve your goals. When you work with your employees to achieve common goals, you will be much more productive and effective at reaching any goals your team sets. Being a boss may lead to resentment, lower productivity and will not earn you the true loyalty and respect that a leader in business gets.


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