Joseph Bismark – a leader whose philosophy merges spirituality with business leadership


Joseph Bismark is considered one of the most successful leaders of the present time. I read an interesting article on Joseph Bismarck’s philosophy on the blog End of an Earring. His philosophy has been premised on the fact that every individual should be given opportunities to offer their capability.

The most distinguishing feature of Bismark’s leadership philosophy is the merging of spirituality with corporate leadership structure.The leadership style that Bismark advocated has been based on the principles of honesty and virtues that are encouraged in society. He has also advocated living in a healthy manner. Through his QI group he 
has ventured into organic foods, which shows his advocacy for healthy living. Bismark believes that the wellness of the employees is important for advancing the company. Even though he has received praise and adoration, Bismark has not abandoned his sense of humility which differentiates him from other leaders.

Joseph Bismark is the founding director and managing director of the QI Group. After leaving home at the age of nine, Bismark lived in a monk’s ashram for almost ten years. He returned home to work in the corporate world. He founded the QI group of companies in 1998 along with a businessman named Vijay Eswaran.

Even though he is successful, Bismark still follows everything he learned during his days at the ashram. One of his fundamental beliefs is that any human being can excel in the business that they pursue but just need guidance. Because he respects his employees, practices humility and adheres to a simple lifestyle, his employees and the general public admire him.

The corporate philosophy of the QI group is based on Vedic philosophy and is also heavily influenced by the teachings of Mahatma Gandhi. One of the main goals of the company is development of its employees and empowering them to go beyond their role to be able to give their maximum contribution.

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