Jeff Yastine’s Great Investment Predictions

Bayan Hill Publishing has become a force in investment news over the last 5 years. With their in-depth analysis of cryptocurrencies, their predictions on cybersecurity investments, their mergers and acquisitions (m&e) foresight, Bayan Hill has been making some great investment calls. Bayan Hill is relatively new, and their surge is a little surprising in a market saturated with investment blogs. This is partially due to the editor of their Total Wealth Insider section, Jeff Yastine. Follow Jeff on Twitter.


Jeff isn’t a one trick pony of investment. He guides readers through the complexities of cybersecurity investments. He keeps people updated on Embraer, a Brazilian airplane maker, while still making calls on bigger index players such as Amazon and Tesla. Jeff’s Total Wealth Insider portfolio has been seeing some impressive gains. His cybersecurity stocks have seen an aggregated 50% increase, while his Embraer stock saw a 30% increase over Christmas after Boeing rumored a merger.

Bayan Hill made a great move acquiring Jeff — an Emmy-nominated journalist — whose insights on profit-making opportunities have left consumers of the publication with a growing portfolio. Jeff Yastine’s popularity has surged since his video talking about the Kennedy Accounts. A system devised by John F. Kennedy that allows people to directly invest in companies, without paying a hefty fee to a middleman. These Direct Stock Purchase Plans (DSPP) also sell stock at a discount, usually at around %3. After Jeff came out in a video telling the world about this stock purchasing loophole, he has become a household name in the financial journalism field.


Jeff Yastine’s start was as an investigative journalist with The Nightly Business Report. That eye for business and ability to connect to the rich and powerful has made Jeff well adjusted to life as an investment editor. Jeff has rubbed elbows with Warren Buffett. He has met with Michael Dell and other industry leaders. His career has been a long chain of communicating with powerful business leaders. Jeff Yastine is one of the biggest names to watch in the investment field right now. His insights are gaining traction, his portfolio is growing, and people are simply making money following his advice. As it stands now, especially with his work on the Kennedy Accounts, Jeff is one of the most influential contributors to the finance field. View Jeff’s profile on Linkedin.

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