Jeff Aronin and the Three-Step Strategy of Paragon Biosciences

Paragon Biosciences’ Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Jeff Aronin, has been continuously committed in helping patients who are afflicted with a disease that have scarce or no available treatment alternatives. For the past decade, the FDA or Food and Drug Authority have approved 13 new drugs that were produced by Paragon Biosciences. The investor and incubator company was able to accomplish such feat by incorporating its three-step method of identify, building and developing prospective medicines.

In the identify stage, Jeff Aronin and his team must be able to uncover specific ailments that have little or no remedies available. Then the company reviews the number of individuals afflicted with the disease, and searches for available treatments that physicians can provide. After this, Paragon will explore and study the patients’ situation meticulously to know the scientific facts about the disease. The information must be substantial enough to meet the requirements of the patients.

The next stage is to build, where after having been successful in the identification of the disease; Paragon Biosciences will now put together companies that will work to generate the required medicine ( While there may be a strong possibility that the creation of the needed medicine can take some time, maybe years even, Paragon will provide the needed resources and support of the said companies to make sure that the development of drugs and the necessary approvals are achieved in an efficient manner.

Once the building phase is over, Paragon’s executive management will handle the paper works and transactions required for FDA approval. And for the past 10 years, Paragon Biosciences was able to secure the approval of 13 new drugs, which is a better accomplishment compared to other forerunners in the industry.

The Paragon Biosciences Companies at present are the: Castle Creek, Harmony Biosciences, Decade and Precision BP. These companies have different strategies in addressing particular medical and clinical fields.

Jeff Aronin is a Non-Executive Chairman of numerous Paragon companies. He has been acknowledged for his contributions in the bioscience industry by award giving organizations who bestowed the following awards to Jeff Aronin: the 2017 Weizmann Leadership Award, and the Frederic A. Gibbs Discovery Awards.

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