Jared Haftel Doing Something Important

I found this dude on Facebook, and almost immediately I was inspired by Jared Haftel. Really gave me some inspiration for my own career, and what I should be doing to pursue success.

Jared Haftel is a student at Stanford Business School along with an investment banker. Haftel has established himself as a very successful professional in the investment banking industry and is therefore looking to improve on his opportunities by pursuing a Masters Degree in Business Administration. He already has a considerable track record in regards to both education and experience. Jared studied at Duke University where he took coursework in economics, mathematics and science. This helped him gain a foundation in order to better understand the economy as a whole. He then began working in the investment banking field as an analyst and later an associate at firms such as Merrill Lynch, Credit Suisse, Bank of America and Vector Capital.

Since many employers in investment banking prefer candidates with a MBA, Haftel has decided to pursue this degree in order to get the best opportunities available. In business school he plans to study a number of subjects such as management, finance, accounting and marketing. All of these subjects will help him gain a foundation of knowledge to help make him an even more successful professional in the field.

As well as getting an MBA from Stanford, he will have a very good track record of experience. During this career, Haftel has held positions such as analyst, investment banker and associate. As an analyst he did lots of research on companies and industries. He also made a number of calculations in order to help the firms figure out what deals would benefit them and in what industries. Later on in his career he became and investment banker and an associate. With these positions he would be more active in the actual deal making process in which he would actually meet with company executives to explain a potential deal to them. Haftel would also manage other analysts to help make sure that they find the best opportunities for companies to expand, increase capital and increase their stock value as well.

Before Haftel, started his career, he first obtained undergraduate degrees in mathematics, economics and science to help give him a versatile knowledge base. His education in these subjects helped give him an complete understanding of how the economy works, how to use advanced quantitative skills to help better analyze potentials deals and also give him a solid understanding of some of the most important industries in the economy such as mining, aerospace and defense. He received degrees at Duke University which is among the top universities in the nation.

By having a quality education and lots of experience, Haftel will likely have the necessary tools to get the best opportunities in the investment banking field. His impressive resume will help convince firms that he is someone who can be a great asset to them and help them reach their goals. Once he obtains his MBA, Haftel will be able to seek and take advantage of some of the better and more lucrative opportunities in the investment banking field such as becoming a vice president and even a managing director. These opportunities will allow him to become even more involved in making great deals for the firms he works at.

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