James Dondero’s Influence on Highland Capital Management

Highland Capital Management was setup by two business partners among them James Dondero. The company, which has a global foot print, deals in credit management. James, who is the president, endorses all matters of investment strategy for the company. He is an alma mater of the University of Virginia where he obtained a degree in accounting. He also majored in finance. He is also a Chartered Financial Analyst. James also goes by the title CMA meaning he is a recognized management accountant.

Highland Capital

Protective Life Insurance was approached by Mark Okada and Dondero in 1990. The partnership that was established penetrated the fixed income markets. The partnership was renamed Protective Asset Management Company a small portion owned by Mark and Dondero. Dondero and Mark approached Protective Life and bought what it owned at PAMCO. This was followed by Ranger Asset Management: owned by Mark and Dondero. One year into business, the company chose another name: Highland Capital Management L.P. The new name brought its successes: launching of a commingled loan fund and acquiring multiple floating funds. Colombia Asset Management sold the funds to Highland Capital. The company’s Singapore office was opened in 2008. The success was later extended to Seoul in 2011. Highland recently won the 2015 HFM US Hedge Fund Performance Award.

Successful people tend to attract affiliations and recognition of their industry players. James is no exception, as he is associated with Prospect Street Income and Other portfolios like Leap Wireless International Inc. Dondero is also mentioned in connection with Cricket Communication, LLC. He is also connected to Highland Floating Rate Fund and Cornerstone Healthcare Group Holding. Healthcare Group Holding, Inc also associates with Dondero. NexPoint Advisors, L.P has also consults Dondero every now and then.


Highland Capital Management gives back to the communities of its employees. The company does this by generously donating to CBOs and NGOs that are involved in improving the welfare of locals. Dondero is passionate about education. He gives to NGOs and CBOs that are inclined to empowering communities through education. He is also interested in veteran issues and healthcare. Since the company started till 2005, over $10 million has gone out to charities supporting education and other courses.

Board Membership

Dondero has sat in Cornerstone Healthcare Group Holding’s Board of Directors. He has also been NexBank’s Chief Executive Officer and Director of HCM Acquisition Company. He served as Highland Financial Partners’ chairman. James has been MGM Holding’s director and has also been in NeighborCare’s Executive Committee. He is American Banknote Corporation’s board member. Since 2010 he has served as Safety-Kleen’s Director.


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