Investing in Brasil According to Igor Cornelsen – Three Tips

Brasil is one of the next hot spots for investment in the world. Many of the experts are looking to the area to find some the best opportunities in the eighth largest economy in the world. There’s nothing like having a change in the economic climate to attract more attention to the area. Experts think that events like the World Cup and the Summer 2016 Olympic Games will have a huge impact on the local economy. If you’re looking to invest, here’s what you can expect.

1. Interact With the Locals

The best way to understand the local environment is to interact with the locals. They understand business and finance because one in four locals between the ages of 18 and 64 are entrepreneurs. What better way to find an investment opportunity than by socializing with people in the area.

2. Always Be Aware of the Rules and Regulations

Igor Cornelsen always advises investors to know all of the possible regulations related to the Brasilian market. They may have restrictive labor market rigidity, high taxes, regulatory, and pervasive bureaucracy. When you can avoid bad decisions, you’re more likely to reap huge dividends.

3. Be Aware of Foreign-Currency Restrictions

Foreign-currency transactions must be conducted by a local bank that’s aware of what the current rate has been set at by Brasil’s Central Bank. Local banks handling these transactions must be authorized to make the foreign exchange into local currency.

Investing tips with Igor Cornelsen, courtesy of CNBC, notes that Cornelsen is a knowledgeable investor that can help people with all types of investments in Brasil.

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