How one Norwegian Elkhound found his health

I wake up at five in the morning, and feel that wet nose press against my face. My eyes will barely stay open as I see that bright-eyed face sniffing at me. It’s my dog, Barron, my large Norwegian elkhound ready to take a walk. I glance out my window and see rain falling from the sky. Already my dog has his leash in his mouth, his paws scratching the door. He wants this walk; he is ready to embrace the day. I am ready to crawl back into bed, but then I remember going on walks is healthy for my fur baby.

Having a healthy pet is important to me; I need to remind myself of this every morning. Everyday I grab the umbrella, the leash, and head out the door with Barron. Having daily walks is what keeps my pup’s heart active. It’s one of the most important things to remember when taking on pet ownership.

The rain is letting up and I notice my dog is wagging his tail; it’s a sign that it is time to eat. As our walk comes towards an end, my dog tugs on his leash harder and harder signaling how hungry he is. Our walk becomes a sprint to get home.

When we get home it is time for him to eat. I head to the pantry and grab his favorite brand of dog food, Beneful. Beneful has the right amount of sweetness, nutrition and deliciousness that gets Barron full quickly. I love how happy my dog looks as he eats his breakfast at six in the morning. Even though it is early I know we have had a full morning together, bonding as comrades.

I recall a time when Barron wouldn’t eat anything. It was a real struggle to get him to even look at food. We noticed his energy was very low and we didn’t know why. We finally made an appointment with our veterinarian to figure out what the problem might be. The vet asked us a series of questions relating to Barron’s diet, and we told the vet what we were feeding Barron. As it turns out it was low quality dog food that was making our poor Barron so ill and lose his appetite. I asked the vet what they recommended; they told us to try Beneful. After using Beneful, our Barron’s energy has returned and he is a much happier and healthier dog. I thank Beneful for helping my pet’s health return to normal again with their high quality dog food.

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