How Marc Sparks is Sparking Collaboration

Recently Marc Sparks, founder of Timber Creek Capital LLC, has chosen to move his office after 14 years. The idea behind the move wasn’t to be bigger and better in appearance, but it was to be bigger and better in collaboration for the good of his team.

Sparks felt that his previous office was not set up to encourage collaboration for startups. As a private equity firm, Sparks focuses on the startup rather than businesses that have been around for many years.

The new office design will give them enough space to host three startups in for collaboration on their business model, and ultimately their plan, marketing strategy and most of all their funding. Without the proper funding a business cannot be a success.

A recent press release of an interview with Sparks showed just how important space can be when the collaboration period is under way. Sparks talks about the atmosphere and how a warehouse type setting would most likely be dark, unwelcoming, and worst of all uninspiring for new startups.

This is where Sparks makes a huge difference. He understands how important the process is from start to finish, and he sees the bigger picture for the entrepreneur. His entire core concept is built on sitting down with the startup and working through what he calls the incubation period.

This is an important time because it gets the entrepreneur thinking out loud and working with the advisors of his firm to lay the groundwork for their investment.

Mark Sparks is the CEO and owner of Timber Creek, LP. Sparks has been able to influence many with his book, They Can’t Eat You, as well as through his charitable giving. The book was written to share with entrepreneurs how he started, and his personal journey to success today.

Sparks has worked with charitable organizations like Habitat for Humanity as well as his own organization called Sparkey’s Kids, designed to make sure that kids can get laptops into their hands when they are without them for educational purposes.

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