How InnovaCare Health Could Help Reform Payment Models

InnovaCare Health isn’t a small name in health, but rather it’s a big name in health when it comes Medicare Advantage Plans. Medicare is one of the most talked about topics today, and it’s no surprise that InnovaCare Health is one of the most talked about organizations.

This leading organization for Medicaid and Medicare is helping folks change the way they look at healthcare for their future. As a provider for healthcare-related services and the LAN partnership, payment models are changing. The idea behind the way payment models change has everything to do with quality over quantity. Quality should always be the first concern in medicine, but oftentimes it isn’t.

The focus always seems to fall on how much to charge and how much to collect upfront rather than giving the patient the full spectrum of care that they need. Alternative payment models on are now coming to the forefront, and LAN has a lot to do with the changes. Now, 30 percent of payments are based on alternative models through LAN. The goal was to ensure that these alternative payment models were instilled by the end of 2016. Will that be the case?

Measurements toward the new move are done through what is known as the Nationwide Data Collection Effort. Medicare Advantage Plans will be categorized in a different way. Medicare Advantage Plans are now becoming the top standard in how Medicare is being managed, and these plans can be obtained through InnovaCare Health according to Rick Shinto.

InnovaCare Health is a provider of managed care services, and membership has reached more than 200,000 individuals. With more than 7,450 providers in network, more individuals are seeking solutions outside of their standard healthcare plans. Currently, InnovaCare Health is one of the leading providers of these types of plans in Puerto Rico, as well as the United States.

InnovaCare opted to be a part of this LAN program according to Penelope Kokkinides, a program that was designed to help individuals get better healthcare with a payment program that works for them. The focus this year and in the near future for this organization is better healthcare, with a focus on the quality of healthcare.

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