How Brian Bonar Has Become Such a Successful Business Leader Over the Years

When it comes to leadership within the imaging software industry, there is only one name that stands out as being above and beyond the rest. This person is none other than Brian Bonar, CEO of Imaging Technologies Corporation. Imaging Technologies Corporation is a leading developer in color managing software and one of the biggest integrative service organizations for digital imaging software. He has been featured in many print and digital interviews giving us an insight into the industry and his career background. However, many people who do not know much about this type of technical industry or Brian Bonar even is. Brian Bonar is quite the financial genius.

Brian Bonar founded Imaging Technologies Corporation in 1982 and it is headquartered in San Diego, CA. While many may not see a big technology or software company being successful anywhere other than Silicon Valley, this has truly been the opposite for Bonar and his company. It has become the most ideal place for this type of business and this particular company as a whole. As a result, Brian Bonar has acquired several other companies and developed several other subsidiaries thus making both Brian Bonar and Imaging Technologies by far the most successful color imaging software corporation compared to even larger corporations. Check out Brian Bonar’s About.Me profile.

Brian Bonar is also President, Secretary, Treasurer, Chief Financial Officer and Chief Executive Officer of TRUCEPT, Inc. His annual income from this company is roughly around $860,371.00. His salary is comprised of $360,000.00 and the rest is part of revenue from stock options. That’s a substantial amount of money to earn in one year from just the stock options alone. This proves that he is very successful. It also shows just how successful that TRUCEPT, Inc. is all on its own. However, without Brian Bonar this company would not have become so successful if he had put in so much time and dedication to making it so successful. Truly, Brian Bonar is a leader not only in the color imaging industry but also as a business executive.

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