Helping A Dog Get On A Healthy Path

Getting an overweight dog into shape can be tough sometimes, but with the right framework it’s not impossible to have a pet get slim in a reasonable amount of time. With a few simple tips in mind, anyone can get their dog back in an active lifestyle.

Keeping Active
The first step in getting a dog back on track to health is getting them thinking and acting active. It is recommended to take an overweight dog on more frequent walks. If the dog is very overweight then walks should not be too stressful on the dog. To make sure that a dog is not too overworked when walking or doing other exercises, look for how much they are panting, and make sure thy do not begin to limp, walk in an abnormal manner, or make a painful noise such as yelp or whimper.

Throwing a tennis ball with an overweight pet is a great way to exercise, but if a specific dog on is not into this sport try different games. Making a game out of exercise will make the dog enjoy it, and create a positive experience for both the animal and the owner. This attitude will encourage further exercise. Find the exercise that works best for both the dog and trainer.

Changing Eating Habits
Besides exercising an overweight dog another way to help an animal loose weight is to adjust the diet. By watching over an animals calorie intake, a person can lower the amount of food taken in and help weight loss occur.

If you are looking for a good dog food that focuses on weight control, it is recommended to try Purina’s Beneful Healthy Weight Control dry food. If the dog is picky try taking away a bit of the dry food and adding in some of Beneful’s wet food like the Mediterranian Medley or Chopped Meals. Only a small amount is needed to entice the dog to eat.

It is important to not give a dog that is on a diet any amount of “human food”. I know many dogs will try to give their owners that puppy eye but remember that it is for their own good. Every once in a while it is okay to reward a good dog that has done well on their diet with a snack like a Healthy Smile from Beneful.

Keeping to a plan on Beneful on purinastore that follows these keys or any plan that restricts calorie intake and creates an environment where the dog uses more energy than it consumes will almost always guarantee weight loss to occur. With some dedication and time, any dog can look great.

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