Handy expands to offer exemplary home services

As a leading brand that cares and trust for their homes, Handy was thrilled to announce that it had hit 1 million bookings through its online and mobile booking platform. The company has offered its services to more 28 cities across the world. The company has grown since it was established and today receives close to 100,000 bookings each month. Close to 80% of those bookings are made by happy customers that want a loyal repeat.

Handy has made to stay ahead of the competition by offering exemplary services to its customers. This has led to a strong repeat usage that Handy has never experienced in the past. The CEO and founder group stated in a press release that there is a huge opportunity for the company’s growth. The company has expanded rapidly in the recent past as it continues to offer vacation rentals hosts an easy and convenient way to book executive cleaning for the customers.

A little history

Since its launch in 2012, Handy has managed to grow and expand its services. A look at the historical graph of the company of the company shows that it was started as Handybook in 2012. The company was under top computer science graduates from Harvard, Weina Scott and other leaders. The company has followed a novel approach by focusing on online bookings. The company focused on Uber’s system of online service delivery. This has seen the company amass huge profits through multiple online bookings.

Early in June 2015, the company was happy to announce that it had made 1 million bookings through its online platform. According to wazzuppilipinas, the company has since grown to operate in 28 cities all over the United States, the United Kingdom and Canada. The company has 160 staff across those cities and enlisted services of 10,000 cleaners that work on the platform.

At the start Handy experienced multiple challenges due to wrong cities that would never really appreciate their services. The company later chose to get into particular cities. This has seen the market grow and the company earn enough producers that fully meet the demands of the company. Even though they focus on consumer quantity, they have never let go of their quality. They have consistently offered quality cleaning services since they were established. The business has been successful since it focuses mainly on repetitive booking services. According to the company statistics, 80% of their customers have been based on recurring bookings. These are customers that rely heavily on their services and are extremely satisfied with quality work.

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