Handy Continues Rapid Expansion

Oisin Hanrahan granted an interview to The Next Web at the Web Summit to talk about the rapid growth and almost overnight success of the company he founded, Handy. Handy is an on-demand cleaning and handyman services based out of New York City. Right now, cleaning orders make up about eighty percent of Handy’s total business, and handyman services account for the other twenty percent. Hanrahan is currently examining additional services for Handy to offer to customers and is also considering expanding outside of its current base of operations, New York City. Hanrahan did say, though, that choosing to base Handy out of New York City was the right move to get the company off the ground. In New York City, the demand for the types of services provided by Handy is high, and contractors able to take the assignments are never in short supply.

Right now, Handy has grown to a staff of 160 employees and at lest 10,000 independent contractors. Hanrahan says that in growing the company, he has definitely looked at the experience from both sides of the spectrum, the contractor and the customer. Hanrahan has worked to provide the perfect balance for flexibility in work schedules for contractors looking to make extra cash and customers, who have very specific order requests and may not have a personal referral of a small time contractor or cleaning service company to meet their in-home needs.

Rather than focusing on the status of the competition in the market, Hanrahan says Handy has been keen on making customer demands its top priority and continues to find ways to innovate so that is has streamlined ordering processes and communications. Handy is set to continue on its incredible growth path, as it is currently positioned with $50 million to invest in future growth.

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