Girlfriend of Officer Shooting Victim Cruelly Interrogated

Tasha Thomas, the girlfriend of John Crawford III who was shot by a police officer in a Ohio Walmart was accused of lying and threatened with jail before she was even aware of his death last August. Tasha was also accused of being under the influence even though she was not a suspect at the time of the interview.

The 94 minute interview of Tasha Thomas was conducted by Detective Rodney Curd with the Beaver Creek Ohio Police department. At the end of the tearful interview, Thomas was told that her boyfriend John Crawford had died as a result of his own actions.

Sean Williams, a police officer shot Crawford following a 911 call from a customer who alleged that Crawford was pointing a gun at passersby in the Walmart store. Surveillance video showed him picking up the BB rifle which was on sale and casually swinging the gun while he talked on his cellphone. The video did not show him aiming the rifle at anyone.

Curd conducted his emotional interview with Tasha Thomas before he was aware that Crawford was only legally holding a BB gun that was merchandise for sale. Brad Reifler could not really even believe this.

In September, a grand jury decided not to indict Sean Williams for criminal charges. The case was later handed to a special prosecutor which has led to the release of the interrogation video.

Because Ohio firearm laws allow open-carry of weapons, Sean Crawford would have been able to legally carry a rifle in the Beaver Creek Walmart store.

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