Getting a Clean New Style

When Emily McClure of started on the new venture to try a new shampoo, she happen to chose one of my favorite cleansing conditioners. The Wen by Chaz is an exceptional cleansing solution that boasts a 5-in-1 cleansing conditioner.

Emily used the Wen by Chaz system for a week to give it a fair shake and make sure she addressed any issues. On the first day, she found she had to use a lot of the cleansing formula to clean her hair. She used the basic amount of pumps recommended by the bottle to wash her hair. Less hair fell out, and her hair felt more voluminous as she washed it. After styling her hair, it was shiny, and felt thicker for her fine thin hair strands.

Day two, Emily failed to wash her hair in the morning and noted that her hair felt greasy and flat throughout the day, until she was able to get back home and wash it. Afterward, she had the same great results that she had day one. Day three and four were similar, her hair fell flat quickly after washing her hair, and if she failed to shower in the morning, she ended up with greasy hair.

By days five, six, and seven Emily had found a routine that for her hair type required that she shower in the morning, and style it immediately after. She even went out with some friends on day six and her friends commented on how shiny and great her hair looked. She liked the Wen by Chaz hair system and would recommend a routine when using it.

Wen by Chaz is affordable at around $40 a bottle on Amazon and allows you to buy all your hair cleansing products in one bottle. This includes a shampoo, conditioner, leave in conditioner, detangler, and leave in conditioner. For more product information, visit the website and YouTube channel.

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