From 60 to 30

Today in society, it is well known that often enough the younger person will always beat the older person in anything to do with physical activity. Though this may be true, there have been many exceptions. There have even been studies going on that have proven that older athletes can be much younger then what there age has labeled them to be.

It has been found that serious older athletes may be for example 70, however their constant activity makes them more like 50. This is a true inspiration to all seniors that everyone must stay active in order to feel alive and young again.

It has been proven that those who do more aerobic fitness tend to feel more alive and young than those that do low amounts of physical activity. This is basically proven that at any age, fit people always win in look in feel when compared to those who are out of shape.

Due to this theory, scientists then went even further in developing a online calculator that will be able to determine everyone’s fitness age. This is done through a complex algorithm. One woman in particular proved the theory of scientists. A 61 year old woman went through strenuous tests to find that she actually had the fitness of a 36 year old woman, at least according to results seen by Susan McGalla. With this new discovery, scientists implore those over a certain age to get active and healthy.

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