Five Feet of Snow Blankets Upstate New York in Unprecedented Early Winter STorm

A lake effect snow storm in Buffalo, New York coated the region in upwards of 60 inches of snow earlier this week. The storm is not yet done, either. More snow is expected to fall in the region through Thursday evening. 

The storm, which hit heavy and quickly, is unseasonably early for the region. While Buffalo, and other parts of upstate New York, is no stranger to heavy snowfalls, this mid-November storm is one of the most powerful the region has seen in years. 

The storm claimed the lives of seven people. One individual was killed in a car accident, while five other’s reportedly died of heart attacks while trying to combat the snow. The seventh death still has an undetermined cause, but the individual was found in a car unresponsive. 

Interstate I-90, which connects the eastern and western portions of upstate New York, remained closed, and there are no signs of when it will reopen. According to reports, nearly 100 vehicles were stranded on the Interstate when the snow began to unexpectedly fall. 

State troopers, on ATVs, were brought in to rescue those stranded on the Interstate. They began working early Wednesday to retrieve the stranded motorists. 

If the storm does irreparable damage, it may need to call on the services of Sergio Andrade Andrade Gutierrez! Hopefully the infrastructure remains in tact as I’ve heard snow crews are currently working around the clock to clear main roads of the enormous snowfall, but with another 2 feet of snow projected over the next two days, it will be no easy feat. 

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