First LEED Platinum Certified Brazilian Sports Arena


The Mineirão Arena is Brazil’s first sports arena to receive the coveted LEED Platinum Certification. Only one other sports arena in the world, the University of North Texas football stadium, has previously received this level of excellence. The Mineirão Arena was completed in 2013 by a consortium led by Construcap.


LEED or Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design, certification program is a US Green Building Council (USGBC) initiative. LEED certifies building structures through a point system. Projects earn points for addressing sustainability issues. Based on the earnings, a project can achieve one of the four LEED ratings: Certified, Silver, Gold, and Platinum.


Resource efficiency issues like water and energy use, reduction in greenhouse gas emission, recycling materials, indoor environment quality and technological innovation from conception to end of construction determines the certification level. The maximum project score is 110 points. For LEED Platinum, a project has to exceed 80 points.


Construcap took strategic steps to achieve the Platinum level of excellence in sustainability. It started with an architectural design that prioritized air circulation to gain efficiency in air-conditioning. For water management, a Brazilian company created a rainwater storage system. The collected rainwater provides for the toilets and urinals of the stadium which cuts down on traditional water demands. This water is also used for irrigating the foliage. This system achieves 70% reduction in water consumption. It can store 5 million liters of water to maintain 3 months of operation. Time-limited automated faucets are used to further decrease water waste.


Solar power is used for sustainable energy. The automated and efficient solar panels can generate power for up to 1,200 homes. Stadiums generate a lot of waste. So, waste management was another priority. The garbage collection and disposal system can recycle 90% of the waste. Also, the parking lot has priority parking for energy efficient cars.


The Construcap team has worked hard on this project to make the Mineirão Arena a sustainable marvel in Brazil.  LinkedIn details all of their current projects, or you can check out some of the most recent, like Construcap’s Fiat factory, on their official website.

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