Finding New York City Real Estate Doesn’t Have To Take Forever With Town Residential


Here is how Town Residential helped one client find NYC property, as told on their website:

Jonathan has to move to New York City in the next month to fulfill a position that he was just offered. Jonathan works at least 50-70 hours, so he has no time to look for his new home in New York City. Jonathan had to delegate the work to someone else to find him a home in New York City, and he only has one month to do it, and a single phone call will help to solve his problem.


Jonathan made the choice to call Town Residential for several reasons. Town Residential has great relocation services for business persons, whether they have funding from the business relocating them or not. Even those who live across the country can get help from Town Residential in booking transportation to get to and from New York City to see the homes that are available. Town Residential does have a website with many of their homes on display, but not everyone has the time to check out the website.


Some people who are very busy like Jonathan will be taken directly to be shown a home when they have time, or someone must know everything they’re looking for to simply present a home to them for their consideration. Town Residential has a five-star concierge service for business persons looking to move to New York City. Not only is transportation provided, but during and after the process of finding a home the client is well taken care of. After the client moves into their new place, there will also be a follow-up by Town Residential.

Very few real estate agencies care about their clients after they have made a purchase or lease out their new home, but Town Residential is different. Not only does Town Residential do a follow-up when their clients get into their new home, but they make sure that the client has everything they need and are satisfied with their choice. Town Residential is a one-of-a-kind real estate agency, and if more agencies were like them, it’s likely that a lot more people would use real estate agencies more often.

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