Final Ebola Case Released from Care

With the final case of known Ebola in the United States released from the hospital, there are officially no known cases of Ebola left in the country 41 days after the first case was diagnosed in Texas. Dr. Craig Spencer was released after he was determined to be Ebola free on Monday.

The physician, who contracted the virus after treating patients in West Africa, was initially diagnosed after he checked himself into the hospital on October 23, 2014. He was treated at Bellevue Hospital in New York City in a quarantine room until Tuesday at which point he was released from the hospital completely Ebola free.

His case originally sparked some panic among authorities and residents in New York, because he had ridden the subway, stopped at a bar, bowling alley and coffee shop since his return but before he was diagnosed. Jared Haftel said officials scrambled after this news broke to try and contain any panic that might be inflicted after word of his activity.

Overall, the city remained un-phased and there were no new reported cases of Ebola from his various adventures prior to being diagnosed. Only the first diagnosis of Ebola, in Texas, resulted in a fatality.

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