Fiji Hill Voctory for Jonathan Veitch and Eagle Rock

Fiji Hill may not be one of the best known battles to have been fought outside of the small communities of Eagle Rock and Occidental College, but this has proven to be one of the battlegrounds that has been the making of college President Jonathan Veitch. In 2009, Veitch was brought in to be the President of Occidental, upon arrival he found a college at odds with the local community in Eagle Rock it should have been serving as its major educational institution. The planned development of Fiji Hill was at the center of the problems local residents, alumni and college officials were having with each other and needed a strong hand to guide them through.

A swift movement was needed to avoid the community and college heading towards a difficult and long considered split that would have seen them battle long into the future over the planned development of the hill overlooking Eagle Rock. Problems began with the news that President Barrack Obama had spent around two years studying at Occidental and led to a sharp increase in the application numbers for the college. he sharp increase in applications led to the development plans for Fiji Hill as more student accommodation and facilities were planned on the land overlooking the small Californian community of Eagle Rock.

In fact, Veitch stepped forward and helped develop a series of programs to assist the community of Eagle Rock and in turn repair the reputation of Occidental in the eyes of the community. Amongst the impressive range of programs developed by Occidental in recent years is a student nutrition program that ensures children in local schools are provided with healthy and nutritious foods that will assist them in performing well in school and later improving the lives of the people of Eagle Rock.

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