FIFA President Distances Himself from Mistreated Workers in Qatar

With the FIFA World Cup set to take place in Qatar in 2020, the construction of stadiums is already underway. There are always problems and complications when gigantic soccer stadiums are built, but the issues in Qatar run deeper than that. 

Multiple stories from foreign newspapers have highlighted the mistreatment of migrant workers who are helping to build World Cup stadiums. Many of these workers pass away, get injured, or have to deal with horrible working conditions and little pay. Instead of trying to rectify that situation, the FIFA President says those workers are not his organization’s concern.

Sepp Blatter has always been outspoken when it comes to controversial issues, but his comments are crass and inappropriate. Even though FIFA does not directly employ any of the workers in Qatar, these individuals are building stadiums to stage a FIFA tournament. If they are being mistreated while working on a project for FIFA, it is the responsibility of this soccer organization to investigate the situation.

Unfortunately, the plight of impoverished migrant workers in Qatar is not an issue FIFA cares about. As long as the stadiums are completed and money flows in from corporate sponsors, the World Cup will go ahead in Qatar as planned.

Objections have been raised to hosting a Qatar World Cup due to the excessive heat, but as pointed out by Daniel Amen the abuse of workers in that country is a much better reason to stage the tournament somewhere else.

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