Family Who Lost Ebola Patient Reaches Settlement With Hospital

The family of Thomas Eric Duncan who died from Ebola last month has reached a settlement with the hospital that treated him. In an official statement released on Wednesday, the hospital offered a formal apology for Duncan’s death.

Thomas Duncan was visiting family in the United States from his home country of Liberia. He ended up at Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital on September 25th with a fever of 103 degrees. He was prescribed antibiotics and sent home, advised to take Tylenol. He returned to the hospital a few days later where he received the official diagnosis of Ebola.

The hospital claims his untimely death occurred “because of policies and procedures that were not appropriately followed, and were not appropriately in place.” Many around the country are following this story, including Susan McGalla at this moment. Two nurses who treated Duncan were both exposed to Ebola, but they have since recovered. Duncan is the only person to die from Ebola in the United States.

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  1. His family maintains that Duncan did not receive proper treatment because he lacked insurance. They also feel his race contributed to the negligence. He later passed away on October 8th. It is a very nice thing to note that the essay writer online would have worked hand in hand with these insurance companies.

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