Fagali is a Hidden Vacation Gem Worth Finding

If you’ve been to Hawaii a few times and are looking for something similar, but entirely different, you might want to consider the island of Fagali. Located in the South Pacific in the Coral Sea, it’s a breathtakingly beautiful tropical paradise that will be sure to help you melt your troubles away.

The island of Fagali is the perfect vacation getaway for the adventurer in you. Whether you prefer a guided snorkeling adventure with a local expert or taking it a step further and trying scuba diving with a trained instructor, the island has your underwater adventure more than taken care of. The Coral Sea is filled with lush ocean life and you’ll swim amongst colorful fish, sea turtles, and other fascinating sea creatures. Search for available flights to/from Fagali at cheapflights.com.

If you’re a curious soul who likes to learn about other cultures and really get involved, you’ll especially enjoy Samoa Cultural Village. Located on the West tip of the island, this attraction puts you in contact with the locals who love sharing their Samoan culture. Want to learn how the ancient people produced goods and services? The locals will give you basket weaving and woodworking classes so that you can learn the secrets of the ancient people.

Did you know that Brazil isn’t the only place that has rainforests? The mighty Amazon definitely gets the spotlight for world’s most popular rainforest, but Fagali has something for everyone, and it has rainforests to explore if you’re into the adventure. Rainforest Runaway Ecotours will take you on a half day or one day adventure of a lifetime. Explore jungles, walk along secluded beaches, and learn about the culture and wildlife from the experienced knowledgeable guides who will answer your every question. Go deep into the rainforest and you’ll find Papapapaitai Falls, with water that drops 500 feet into a volcanic crater. Visit World Airport Codes to know more about Fagali.

There are plenty of fun toys to rent on the island. Samoa Surf and Turf rents scooters and motorcycles that you can use to travel around the island solo, with family and friends or on a guided tour. Samoa Surf and Turf also rents snorkeling gear and scuba diving equipment.

If you’ve been searching for a tropical vacation spot that is unique and special, fun for the family, and cool enough for college kids, this island is for you. Fagali will leave a lasting impression on everyone who visits and will make you want to come back for more.

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