Facts You Probably Do Not Know About Dan Newlin

Personal injury lawyers are many out there, but very few can match what the Law Office of Dan Newlin offers. The office is well known for protecting and fighting vigorously for his clients in the courtroom and has in the last couple of months been awarded the Super Lawyer Firm recognition. It is not a mean achievement because only around five percent of all lawyer firms that operate in Florida where they are based have ever received the award.

Dan Newlin, who leads the team of not less than eighteen qualified and talented attorneys in different fields, began being accustomed to matters related to law enforcement when he was very young. At only twenty years old, he was already working for the Indiana Fire and Police Department. He later got accepted to work in the County Sheriff’s office in Orange County, Florida and served for a straight ten years earning the highest rank of the Sheriff’s detective.

While working on that rank, he was involved in working numerous police details that involved auto theft and narcotics. He would later be assigned to work as a fugitive detective and played a very instrumental role in apprehending many dangerous fugitives. While working as a fugitive detective, he was rewarded for his dedication to work and by working long hours to make sure law and order were being followed.

In the year 1997, he applied and got accepted to the Florida State College of Law and finished in 2000. He is licensed to operate in both Illinois and Chicago and is well respected for his top-notch services that have enabled him recover compensation for his clients to the tune of over $150 million.

His is an inspiring story as well because when he started law practice, he only had a secretary and a desk that he has grown to become one of the most respected boutique-style law firms in Florida with a total of seventy-five employees. They deal with different cases related to medical negligence, wrongful death, construction accidents, truck accidents, motorcycle accidents, personal injury as well as people charged with the wrong crimes. Dan and his team pride themselves in providing top notch legal services and are truly committed to excellence.

When it comes to matters philanthropic, he does not shy away from being on the front line. Teaming up with former boxing great Evander Holyfield, he has been involved in the Miracle Project, to provide a unique opportunity for children suffering from cancer to interact with Holyfield to feel more worth and better. The encounter allows the kids to feel motivated more in their medical fight by relating Holyfield’s background as a kid and the status he has today in society.

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