Everest College Accused of Being Predatory

Everyone has seen Everest University’s commercials. There’s the one with the guy in the baseball cap imploring couch potatoes to get up and make something of themselves and then there’s the one with the single mother desperately pleading with all other singles mothers to change their lives for the better. And apparently many people were suckedin by the promise of finally be able to change their lot in life. Now those people are saying that not only did going to Everest University not change their life for the better, it has destroyed it.

Everest college is accused of basically being a scam. There are many, like Susan McGalla, who had their suspicions but never really looked into it too much. Lawsuits against the school and its parent company say that Everest lied about its ability to get students jobs even going as far as to manipulate the employment status of their graduates. The lawsuit even says that Everest tricked students into taking on huge debts by making the students believe they were getting grants. Many graduates are now saddled with huge amounts of debt, no prospect of employment and credits that can’t transfer to a more reputable school.

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