Eucatex: One of Brazil’s Leading Eco-Friendly Companies


Flavio Maluf is the current CEO of Eucatex. He worked his way through the company, earning the CEO position on April 29, 2005. That’s around the same time he became Director of Eucatex as well. Prior to his current success, he has held many positions in the family business. He still serves as Chairman of the Board of all Executive Officers. He was Vice CEO of Eucatex Trading.

He has led the company down a very successful path, all while remaining environmentally friendly. The company started out making tiles out of indigenous materials. One of the unique materials used by Eucatex is Eucalyptus. Eucalyptus is a unique type of wood that has many desirable properties that are great for furniture. The company also makes things like large furniture pieces and paints. Many of the company’s products are designed for home décor, but they also produce industrial products.

Eucatex may seem like a new age company, but in fact, it’s been around for a long time. The company just recently celebrated its 65th anniversary. The company has grown much larger than it was back then, but it still maintains its Brazilian roots. They export products to countries all over the world, sharing their eco-friendly products with everyone. Much of the company’s success is attributed to CEO Flavio Maluf. Under his leadership, the company has expanded greatly, made several advances in the products, and developed a new following of consumers.

Flavio is extremely suited to running the company. He brings a lot of invaluable wisdom and experience to the company. He’s known in the business world for his economic analysis, which have helped him become so successful. He graduated from FAAP, a prestigious university in Sao Paulo. He’s also about giving back to the people and encouraging them to follow their business dreams. He uses his blog to give fellow and aspiring entrepreneurs tips on how to make it in the business world. He offers advice on how to succeed in job interviews and climbing the corporate ladder.  If you want to see how Flavio has become so accomplished, check out his LinkedIn profile.


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