Eucatex Has Four Separate Areas Of Operation

When a company reaches the ripe old age of 64 in a very competitive industry, the consensus among industry leaders is that company has done a lot of things right to keep them alive. Eucatex under the leadership of Brazilian native, Flavio Maluf, has done that. The company started as an offshoot of Americana Sawmill Americana in 1951. Maluf and Educate have had their fair share of challenges along the way. Maluf joined the company in 1987 as an apprentice of sorts, and he was focused enough to become president in 1997. Maluf is the CEO of the global company known as Eucatex S.A. today, and business has never been better.

The reason for Eucatex success is simple. They make products people need, and they make them so consumers around the world can afford them. Eucatex has offices around the world, and their four factories in the state of Sao Paulo stay busy all year long. Eucalyptus trees are one of their main raw materials, and the company protects the tree population by planting new trees to replace the trees they use. The species of Eucalyptus that grows in Brazil is hearty tree that grows quickly. Eucatex has their own Eucalyptus forest and they maintain it with care.

Eucalyptus wood is used in most Eucatex products. Floor boards, furniture cabinets and drawers, are products that use eucalyptus, but they also use wood residue to produce other products like varnishes and paint.

The company has four main areas of operation. Eucatex is involved in forestry, metallic, minerals and of course wood. Each area contributes something to the extensive product line that is offered for sale in countries around the globe. Eucatex ceiling tiles may have been one of the first products to fill a need, but Eucaboard, a product used in furniture, Eucatex MDF and MDP panels, and Eucatex doors and paint are used by commercial and residential builders worldwide.

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