Eric Pulier Is Many Things And Here Is More Info About Him

Eric Pulier is many things. For starters, he is a successful entrepreneur. He is an author and he is a philanthropist. Currently, he is based in LA, California. If you want to learn more about Pulier’s early life, education, career and other things about him, then read on.


Pulier’s Early Life And Education

Eric Pulier was raised in the state of New Jersey and he took an interest in computers at a young age. While in the fourth grade, he taught himself how to program computers and before he left high school, he launched a database computer company. In 1984, he attended Harvard University and MIT. His major was English and American literature. Harvard and MIT are two of the most renowned colleges in America, so it’s safe to say that Pulier is highly educated.



Some of the ventures Pulier has founded or played a role in finding include People Doing Things, Digital Evolution, Starbright World, Desktone, Akana, Media Platform and many others. Pulier has a lot of business experience and he knows what it takes to make a business or venture successful.


Philanthropy Efforts

The X-Price Foundation hosts competitions that are aimed at figuring out solutions to help solve the greatest challenges to humanity. Pulier sits on the board of the organization, and he donates money to numerous non-profit organizations. He is on the board of other philanthropic organizations, including the Painted Turtle.


Social Media

Pulier is active on a number of social media platforms. He posts often about business related stuff and content that relates to his interests, such as charitable efforts. Pulier can be found on LinkedIn and Twitter.


Feel free to visit Eric Pulier’s website to learn more about him, his ventures and endeavors and other information you may find useful.

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