End Citizens United Helping Reform the Campaign Finance System of the United States

The campaign finance system of the United States has been a topic of concern for many political analysts. Since the time the Supreme Court of the United States have voted in favor of the Citizens United demand to allow an unlimited amount of corporate money to flow into the elections, mostly anonymously, it has been difficult to control the scale at which the election campaigns are organized. The amount of money spent on elections has reached hundreds of millions in the past couple of presidential elections, and it continues to increase. Many organizations are trying to overturn the decision made by the U.S. Supreme Court constitutionally, but it is a time taking process.

One of the organizations that have been working relentlessly to bring awareness about how broken the campaign finance system of the United States is and how it can be fixed is the End Citizens United. It was formed in March 2015, with only aim to overturn the Supreme Court decision in favor of the Citizens United, and to bring accountability in the campaign finance system. With the help of the grassroots donations, End Citizens United aim to help the political candidates who are in support of their mission to end the flow of big money in politics. There are scores of political candidates that End Citizens United endorses, and it continues to do so with passing the time.

As soon as the Supreme Court ruled in favor of the Citizens United in 2010, an unprecedented amount of corporate cash flooded into the elections. With such massive amount of money, it became more comfortable for the candidates to design and implement lavish and extravagant election campaigns and associated ads, which were bound to influence the people. It made the elections unfair against the political candidates who didn’t have an unlimited supply of corporate cash. In short, the candidates without corporate backing have no chance of coming to power.

It is what the End Citizens United aims to end as the organization wants that the political candidates that are chosen by the people without any bias to the Senate are elected, and not the one who is supported by the corporate. At present, End Citizens United is picking political candidates from the Democratic Party who are in favor of overturning the campaign finance system. It uses the online digital platform to collect money from the masses as well as to create awareness about how the U.S. campaign finance system needs a change.

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