Effective Advertising Techniques For Brazil

The Brazilian people are very savvy leaders of cultural change. Being a country under siege by a very oppressive regime, advertising agencies have realized that Brazil has a bottomless thirst for culture, especially after fighting head on with their oppressive regime in winning. Since then, social media has been a very huge vehicle driving the decisions of the Brazilian people. You may have also noticed that the country has a very deeply ingrained and profound love of education. The education in Brazil has absolutely nothing to do with being smart for grades on tests, it has a lot more to do with their desire to be very well-informed.

There consumption per dollar of luxury items is one of the most astounding in the world, for the entire country invests over 7 billion annually in luxury goods and services. Although, Brazil is a relatively small country in comparison to places like Canada and Australia, who actually consume less luxury items than Brazil, although Brazil is a very newly developing country is other countries are developed. Their desire to create, explore and achieve greatness is a passion that is absolutely unheard of anywhere else in the world.

If I am an advertiser telegraphing my message to the Brazilian people, my first instinct and the most effective strategy to win the hearts and minds of the Brazilian people is to tap into their desire for cultural Revolution. I want to be a positive example of how they can achieve a level of success that is far greater than any of their predecessors, for they are the ones who create their own lives, not government, society or their parents. This is how advertisers successfully sell products to Brazil.

Their desire for communication with people from other cultures makes them the single fastest growing cultural economy on earth. You will notice that their consumption of social media is greater than all places on earth, except in in North America.

Cláudio Loureiro is one of the greatest, world renowned, inspired and award-winning advertisers in the country of Brazil. The amount of social change he has been able to create through his advertising has quite literally changed what people have come to expect in Brazilian advertising. Heads Propaganda is an advertising agency that has achieved enormous amounts of success by captivating the country and has been able to incorporate his influences from cultures all over the world into his campaigns.

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