Educating the Next Generation with Aaron Lupuloff

The education industry is a place where teachers and students have to work in conjunction to make a positive result. Over the last few decades, school funding has been getting less and less important for the government. This prompted Aaron Lupuloff to create a facility where child could easily obtain the resources, ability, and drive to reach their maximum potential. He has been in the professional working industry for decades. Aaron Lupuloff obtained his bachelors degree in 1982 from the University of Alabama, where he thrust into the financial industry right away. He laid the groundwork for his future venture through creating the Georgia Tech Parents Advisory Board. In addition, he would give scholarships to students in need of financial help. Outside of his main network, he devoted resources for the Partners Against Domestic Violence, Juvenile Diabetes Foundation, and Camp Twin Lakes organizations.

Aaron Lupuloff took his major step to creating a better future for children by founding the Norcross High School Foundation for Excellence. He served in all the high level positions such as President, Vice President, and Treasurer, while at the same time boosting the reputation of the school. By 2011, he and his wife had been inducted in the school’s hall of fame. Aaron Lupuloff achieved greater heights when he become Senior Executive Director of the Gwinnett County Public School. In this position, he truly gained the power to give aid to nearly 20,000 students.

At the beginning of this venture, Aaron Lupuloff simply wanted to help as many individuals as possible. He fully believed the GCPS Foundation would give him the ability to achieve this dream. The first step to making a successful school is devoting time to the most challenged students at the onset. If the lower threshold of the facility is brought up, then students higher up will naturally be pushed upwards as well. Lupuloff much of his time each week discussing ideas with numerous individuals. In order best serve the best interests of the students, he believes his educational approach has to constantly be re-evaluated. He holds weekly brainstorming sessions with group of trusted partners.

Each and everyday Aaron Lupuloff works around the clock to keep the system functioning. He divides his time between updating scholarship funds, updating teaching techniques, and ensuring both teachers and students have the ability to keep pushing forward. He is a strong believer that each individual has a unique opinion for him to consider. Communication is vital not only to the learning process, but also to being open to change. All students learn is different ways, and Aaron Lupuloff has to be mindful of this fact. There will be times of failure. However, there is always something to be learned.

Aaron Lupuloff is a worker second, and innovate educator first and foremost. He works hard to ensure each student has the potential to reach whatever heights they wish to achieve. They are the next generation, and its our responsibility to give them ample opportunities to easily succeed. To know more about Aaron visit

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