Ebola Victims Still Infectious One Week After Death


The ebola virus is so strong it can attack even after killing it’s host. Marcio Alaor told me that he read an article from em.com.br that warned that the virus is still contagious for up to one week after it has claimed a life, according to a new study.
Those who have prepared the bodies for burial after ebola has claimed the life have unwittingly spread the virus to countless people. Now that it is known the deadly virus can be spread even after death, funeral home workers are much more cautious in their handling of the dead body and family members of the victim are not allowed to touch the corpse while they view it prior to burial.
Burial teams are now dressing in full protective gear before preparing the body for burial. The body which has been ravaged by the ebola virus is doused with bleach and placed in a body bag, then either cremated or buried extra deep into the ground to prevent the virus from spreading.
Most viral killers die when their victims die, but ebola is different and it took time for medical personnel to realize it. Mourners often touch and kiss the bodies of their deceased loved ones before the body is buried. These normal behaviors have helped spread the ebola virus in the past, now that it’s know that the virus is still infectious up to one week after death, this method of spreading the virus will be stopped.

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