Drake Bell Criticizes Caitlyn Jenner

Drake Bell is a former Nickelodeon star, and he gained much notoriety for his starring role in the hit show ‘Drake and Josh.’ Over the last couple of weeks, Drake Bell has been very outspoken about the Bruce Jenner sex change transformation. However, Drake Bell recently ran into a ton of controversy and hatred from social media users.

Bruce Jenner recently graced the cover of Vanity Fair magazine as Caitlyn Jenner. The entire world was in shock when they saw the news, but most people were very supportive of the former Olympian. Adam Sender didn’t really have an opinion on the matter. However, after seeing the Vanity Fair cover, Drake Bell said that he is still calling Caitlyn Bruce, but Drake then received a ton of negative feedback for his sexist comment.

Buzzfeed recently published an article with much more information on this story, but many people have different opinions about the situation. Some people feel that Caitlyn Jenner was born as a man, and she should be known as Bruce. However, Caitlyn Jenner is now legally a woman, and she needs to be given the respect that a woman deserves. Nonetheless, Drake Belle decided to erase his Twitter message, but Buzzfeed uploaded Drake Bell’s message before it was deleted. Drake Bell later posted a message saying that Bruce Jenner is truly a brave human being.

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