Dr. Jorge Moll’s Latest Research

For starters, who is Jorge Moll?

Jorge Moll is a well-known Neuroscientist who received his MD from the Federal University of Rio  de Janiero which is in Brazil. That is not all though, he also got his PHD in Experimental Pathophysiology. Currently, he works at the National Institute of Health. With his background described let’s move into an interesting article he is featured in.

Moll and his partner Jordan Grafman were working together for a pretty interesting reason. The two of them were scanning the brains of volunteers to see if there are any unknown reactions to someone giving up a large amount of money to charity or keeping this money for themselves. These men had no idea what was going to come of this project but were surprised by what they found (https://globoplay.globo.com/v/6198241/).

During this experiment, the brains of the many volunteers lit up in the same places the brain would during sex or while eating food. You’d think these light ups would happen while thinking about keeping a lot of money to yourself, but the complete opposite happened. These people were lighting up internally at the thought of donating a large amount of money to charity. So what does this mean?

For Grafman and Moll whats happening here is that the human mind seems to have morality built into their minds. So having some type of morals and wanting to help other people is already in our makeups as people. After doing this research and looking into some other research done by Dr. Damasio they realize that there is indeed a part of the brain that causes someone to have morals and empathy toward other people and if that is injured that particular person cannot feel anything for another person.

There are some interesting concepts surrounding this new finding. Before people who seemed to have no empathy were just known as psychopaths and were looked down upon. But after this research, it seems that somebody who not empathetic cannot help than be that way. The part of their brain that would make them care about people is broken and that is not their fault. Therefore, people who have moral dilemmas or with no empathy as I mentioned above cannot be blamed for their faults. Dr. Moll and his colleagues did a good job putting all of this together, maybe the world will look at this people differently now knowing that not everything they do or say is their fault.


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