Down Syndrome Cheerleader’s Heroes‏

Wow. An article on, Your text to link… , about a young cheerleader with Down’s Syndrome, Desiree, was bullied from the stands while she and her team were cheering at her school’s basketball team. Though not all kids are mean or bullies, you hear more about those kids than the ones who show kindness and sincere, natural empathy. However, the boys on Desiree’s basketball team really touched my heart. They heard the bullying coming from the stands and called a time out. They then went over to the stands and took a stand, telling the bully to knock it off. It started with one boy, but the rest came in support of Desiree.

Fans at Anastasia Date have learned that, since that game, Desiree has kids walking with her to class and completely pulling her in to the school’s fold. Someone even nicknamed the school’s gymnasium after her. It is now lovingly referred to as D’s House. And the principle is looking at getting a banner to commemorate it as such. If only more people could learn the art of humanity from the kids at this school, the world would be a much happier and peaceful place.

Congratulations to the parents of those wonderful Lincoln Middle School kids for being such a excellent role models. I teared up reading this article as it pulled at my heart strings.

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